Renaissance Caregiver Recognition Award

Caregiver Recognition Award Raleigh NC

We recognize and appreciate the hard work of individuals in our Raleigh community that have taken on the responsibility of being a caregiver. Those who are unsung heroes and beacons of comfort for those in which they care. 

One awardee chosen monthly will be honored on our website, Facebook page, and with a $100 gift card and plaque for their dedication and generosity.
Contest Rules: The nominee can be a friend, family member, chaplain/clergy, nurse, physician, volunteer or anyone who is a caregiver to a dependent person or patient. The nominee must also live or work in Raleigh.


We were honored and thrilled to present our September Caregiver Award to Brenda Martin at Carolina Meadows.

She was nominated by Mrs. D for her dedication to her profession, and for going above and beyond to those she cares for. “I could write a book about the wonderful things she does and she always smiles!” 

Thank you Brenda, Mrs. D and to all caregivers who give of themselves to help others. We salute you!